Tutor Doctor Makes it a Reality

Home schooling is becoming a very popular option for families seeking alternatives to the public school system and/or private schools. Servicing most homes in North Jersey from Glen Rock to Ridgewood, NJ, Tutor Doctor assists families looking to make a move to the home school environment. In our free consultation session, we will discuss with you the plethora of options available to your family, as well as set up a customized plan for your child’s future education.


Home School Tutoring

Who is a good candidate for Home Schooling?

  • Students who need flexible schedules due to elite athletics or special talents which require extensive hours of commitment
  • Students who do not learn well in a classroom environment
  • Students who socially are not happy in their current school environment
  • Students with learning disabilities that need the curriculum to be more self-paced
  • Students who would like a secular private education

What kind of curriculum does Tutor Doctor use?

For our K-5 students, we offer full implementation and teaching of customized home school curriculum in reading/language arts, math, science and social studies. We use the state standards and/or the Common Core, as a baseline for the concepts that are taught. Our teachers are state-certified with years of experience in the classroom.

Homeschooling older students?

For our older students in 6th-12th grade, we provide “learning coaches” as our students take their studies online with public or private online accredited schools.

Note: Our curriculum is secular. We do not offer curriculum associated with any religion, nor do we offer home school support in any religious subject.

What if I want to teach my children, but just need help getting started, or support for certain subjects?

Tutor Doctor provides many levels of home school support from setting up your home school to finding tutors to help with different subjects to fully implementing the home school curriculum. We can customize a home school program with as little or as much parent participation as you would like.

We also can provide centralized record keeping, attendance reporting, curriculum review, and achievement testing.

Parents of kids with special needs in the Ridgewood NJ area are encouraged to call and schedule a consultation to discuss their home school needs. Please give us a call today!

10 Tips For New Homeschool Families by Megan

Five years ago, when we made the decision to homeschool our children, I very distinctly remember that feeling of excitement and conviction in knowing we were making the right choice for our family. But we also knew that we were being led down a path that was very unfamiliar and foreign to us as well. As I began to prepare myself for the road ahead, I quickly became overwhelmed with the vast amount of information and resources available for homeschooling families.

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