Special Needs Tutoring in Bergen, Passaic, & Rockland Counties

How-to-Raise-a-Happy-TeenagerEvery student’s learning potential deserves care, respect, and sensitivity. At Tutor Doctor of North Jersey, your premiere local special education private tutoring service, we know the students of the North Jersey area, and we specialize in helping their minds bloom. Our special needs tutors are masterful in teaching their subjects, and their patience is an educational inspiration. One-on-one learning for the special needs student allows the student to take full advantage of the tutor’s undivided attention. It is important to us to learn about your student’s IEP or 504 plan. We will partner with your student’s teachers and child study team to help your student progress.  With the right instruction and patience, a special needs student will surely excel.

Please note that while one on one tutoring compensates for many learning challenges, our tutoring is not `therapeutic.’ Meaning: we provide academic support but do not endeavor to do brain reprogramming or “fix” a learning disability. We work with students to support them in the learning process, provide study and organizational skills, help them learn strategies for coping and compensating, and take advantage of the strengths they have. Contact Tutor Doctor today and we can get your student the personalized support needed to succeed!  

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